Mail Me Art an Illustration Mailer Book

By Cory • Jul 27th, 2010 • Category: Around the Web

I’m always interested to see how other artists promote their work. Half the battle to getting freelance jobs is the marketing. So, how do other illustrators promote their art? Well, Darren Di Lieto and the folks at HAI! have put together a book of mailer pieces. If you are interested check it out at Mail Me Art. Here’s a little more info and how to help out:

“Mail Me Art: Medium Without a Message is the follow-up to the successful 2008 Mail Me Art: Going Postal. We are proud to announce we have over 700 new pieces of mail art. Medium Without a Message is be an amazing collection of envelopes and boxes from around the world decorated by some of today’s most talented illustrators and artists. What makes the work special is that every single piece of art was sent through the postal system, exposed and on view as regular mail. At the end of this month all of the work will be on display at the London Mail Me Art exhibition.

How can you help support the project and become part of it? Well… The running costs for the project are currently at around £6000  ($9120). We’re hoping to recoup most of that by selling the new book and we’re also hoping to make the artists lots of money by selling their work at the exhibition! We’ve just finished the book and we got as many of the mail artists into the book as possible in some way or another! So please help us recoup some of the costs by making a pledge and supporting the project! In return for a pledge we’re sending people copies of the new book. We’ve also got some really cool artwork up for grabs from the likes of Dan May & Jon Burgerman! Please check out the site for more details - Mail Me Art “.

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