Illustrator Beginner’s Series

Some of the readers on this site wanted tutorials that covered more of the basics, so I’ve created a series of tutorials for people just starting out in Illustrator. I probably won’t cover everything, so it might be worthwhile to get a good book on Illustrator, or even paying for an online graphic design degree (an expensive option) to cover ALL of the basics. I focused the series on the skills needed to complete one Illustration. It starts with placing your sketch, moves through the different tools on the Toolbar and goes all the way through to the finished illustration. Feel free to let me know what’s missing or what you’d like to see.

Illustrator Beginner’s Series 1: Layers & Placing Images
Illustrator Beginner’s Series 2: Pen Tool Basics
Illustrator Beginner’s Series 3: Tracing with the Pen Tool
Illustrator Beginner’s Series 4: Symmetrical Objects
Illustrator Beginner’s Series 5: Using the Ellipse Tool

I’m still working on the series, so new tutorials will be added here periodically.

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